Your Three Options


Your three choices

A decision for abortion is a final decision with many considerations and consequences. After your free pregnancy test, our peer counselors can discuss what abortion methods are currently used at different stages during pregnancy, including chemical and surgical abortions, as well as your physical risks. You may want to know what a woman typically experiences before, during and after an abortion procedure. Also, you may choose to look at photographs or information on fetal development or request a free ultrasound if eligible. Because of the finality of the decision, we encourage women and men to undergo informative counseling prior to choosing abortion. If desired, we have male counselors available to meet with men. Since anyone can experience psychological trauma following an abortion, anywhere from immediately afterward or up to decades later, we offer post abortion counseling to anyone involved in a past abortion decision.

An informed decision is the best decision. Abortion is a final decision.

To discuss abortion in more detail, in person and in a confidential setting, call (215) 855-2424.


We offer on-going counseling to anyone considering parenting their baby. Our peer counselors can meet with individuals, couples and other family members involved in this consideration and will counsel on relational issues as well as parenting skills. We offer referrals for medical, legal and financial assistance and other applicable services. On-site we offer free baby clothing, equipment, supplies and maternity clothing. Pregnant and new mothers are welcome to attend our support group or enroll in our diaper program. If eligible, housing during pregnancy will be arranged.


Our peer counselors can answer questions about this option, including open and closed adoptions. We will also provide referrals to adoption agencies if desired. Click here to read the "Ten Most Asked Questions" regarding adoption.

For an appointment regarding any of our free services,
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