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Learn more about how we can help equip you for what comes next.

Our Fatherhood Program

A Pregnancy Resource Clinic (PRC) fatherhood mentor will equip you through education and support, helping you to become an involved, committed, and responsible father. 

As a father, you have the greatest influence on the decisions your partner makes regarding your pregnancy. In addition, we recognize the important role you play in the lives and future success of your children.

The Fatherhood Program complements the Expecting Miracles education program and will match you with a one-on-one fatherhood mentor. From the early days of your pregnancy, the PRC will offer you resources and support regarding how to be a great father while also learning to support your partner.

You will learn the basics of pregnancy and child development, how to support your partner, infant care, nutrition, bonding/attachment, toddler care, safety, etc.

By participating in the Fatherhood Program, you will earn points to acquire much-needed items for your child, such as diapers and clothing from the Baby Boutique. And check out the Dad’s Corner for special “dad only” items as well.

You in? Click the link below to sign up for one-on-one mentoring.

Still have questions? Contact us!

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