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My Girlfriend is Pregnant

Your Voice Matters

Men's Services

An unplanned pregnancy isn’t a one-person decision.

Be a Part of the Decision

Generally, people consider pregnancy a “woman’s issue.” However, the Pregnancy Resource Clinic (PRC) recognizes that men need education and support when making the important life choice regarding pregnancy. We offer services tailored specifically for men facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Your partner is looking for your support now more than ever. Your silence does not support her. She needs your assurance that you will stand beside her. Research your options and pregnancy information together. Your voice is vital.

Men’s Services:

  • It is common to feel nervous, excited, scared, or unsure. When you come in with your partner for a pregnancy test, our medical staff and advocates are prepared to help you process your emotions and explore your options.

  • You will receive support and options consultation during your partner’s pregnancy test. We also have male mentors who can meet with you to discuss your situation.

  • We offer fatherhood education through our parenting programs including our lessons just for dads. A staff member can make referrals to our parenting programs from the time you realize you are expecting a child until your child is two years of age. You can sign up for parenting classes and lessons just for dads. You will earn points that can be used to acquire much-needed items for your child, such as diapers, wipes, and clothing. Using your points means you might NEVER buy diapers from the store.


Are you ready to be an active part of your partner’s decision-making process? We provide a safe space for you to be heard and receive information about resources. Contact us for a free and confidential appointment today.

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