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Be a Part of the Decision

Generally, people consider pregnancy a “woman’s issue.” However, the Pregnancy Resource Clinic (PRC) recognizes that men need education and support when making the important life choice regarding pregnancy. We offer services tailored specifically for men facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Confirm her pregnancy with an ultrasound

You are reading this because her pregnancy test is positive. It is important to see if the pregnancy is occurring within her uterus, if there is a heartbeat, and determine how far along she is. This happens through a limited obstetric ultrasound. 

Our medical professionals have determined she qualifies for a limited ultrasound that will give all this essential information at no charge.

The ultrasound will be reviewed by our Medical Director, for results confirmation. Following the ultrasound, we encourage you to establish treatment for her with an ongoing care provider.

What to expect

We understand the issues facing an unexpected pregnancy and are committed to providing you with a warm, safe, and discreet place where you can process your choices. 

A pregnancy decision can be one of the most important decisions of both your lives. You deserve to be surrounded with care and support. 

We provide emotional support and factual answers to any questions you may have about pregnancy, abortion, and adoption.

We look forward to serving you.

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