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Course Summary

“What makes you a man is not the ability to have a child, it’s the courage to raise one.” President Barak Obama

We all have a father experience, even if that experience was the absence of a father. And that experience impacts how you will father your child. As a man, ask yourself these two questions: “What kind of father are you now? What kind of father do you want to be?” You do have a voice in this decision.

You may have heard that being a good father means spending time with your child. But what does that entail? Is it enough to be present in the home? Your child will learn everything from you. 

Course Description

We will discuss and answer these questions and more in eight 30-minute video lessons. 

  • Being a Father:  Two Questions 

  • Being a Father:  Real Time

  • Being a Father:  Being a Role Model

  • Being a Father:  Being a Leader

  • Being a Father:  Being Consistent

  • Being a Father:  Loving Discipline

  • Being a Father:  Practical Discipline

  • Being a Father:  Respect for Mothers

These videos explain a parenting style that yields the best results in your child and what you can do to respond well; expecting more of your child. The tools provided demonstrate how to put them into practice so that you can be the best role model for your child.

Consistency is key! This is especially true of fatherhood. Consistency in your actions, love, and teaching throughout your child’s life is the best way to nurture and help them grow into mature, responsible adults.

Embrace the journey of self-improvement, understanding, and considerate parenting. It's time to elevate your role as a father and create a foundation of respect that benefits you and your child.

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Did you know that when dads get involved right from the start, they affect their child’s health for a lifetime? This one-of-a-kind practical course will equip you to care for your pregnant partner and learn the basics of infant-toddler health, safety, and welfare.

Course Description

You will gain knowledge and skills through six 1-hour lessons on each of the following topics:

  • Dad and the Pregnancy

  • Dad and the Delivery

  • Dad and the Well Child

  • Dad and the Sick Child

  • Dad and the Injured Child

  • Dad and the Safe Child

DOCTOR DAD® is packed with information that has immediate practical applications for new dads like you. In each lesson, you will learn how to care for a pregnant partner, calm a crying baby, the importance of skin-to-skin contact, child nutrition, how to take a temperature, and gun safety. Not only will you walk through the practical hands-on skills of being a dad, but you will also investigate topics like compassion, suffering, anger, and patience through a brief personal reflection at the end of each step.

Experienced dads and medical professionals created each key training module for dads like you. The practical skills you acquire will positively influence the life of your child and partner, equipping you to embrace fatherhood with confidence.

You are the best man for this job!

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